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Solar Battery Storage

House with lights on using a seller battery

 When your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use in your home, you can store the excess electricity in a battery storage system. Battery storage allows you to take full advantage of the energy your solar panels collect. Usually, when you have excess energy it gets sent back to the grid, which your utility company will pay you through a program called net metering.

When you use a solar battery, excess energy will be stored, before being sent to the grid. This way, you can use it later when the sun goes down, or on cloudy days. The more solar energy stored, the less energy you'll have to purchase from your utility company. Battery storage will protect you from power outages. Also, when used with solar panels you can be protected from long-term power outages during hurricane season.


  • Lower your electric bill.
  • Protection from power outages.
  • When the grid is down, energy will still be collected and stored from the solar panels.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, and help the environment.
  • Maximize your solar panels energy consumption.
  • Unlike generators, solar panels and battery storage systems don't create noise.
  • Allows you to have independence from the grid.
Enphase Platinum Installer

The Enphase Energy System

 Enphase Energy is a huge name in solar, and is best-known for their industry-leading microinverters that allow solar systems to produce more energy than traditional string inverters. Enphase has also created an entire energy storage ecosystem, aptly named the Enphase Energy System, that easily connects solar, storage, and even gas-powered generators, that allows homeowners to monitor every facet of their energy usage. The Enphase Energy System brings solar, batteries, and software together in one complete package, so now you can make, use, save, and sell your own power, all through a smart mobile app.

Enphase Platinum Installer


 One of solar's biggest challenges is that it's tied to the grid. So, if there is a power outage, your solar system will not work. Enphase's newest IQ8 Microinverters are the industry's first grid-forming microinverters. This means that even if the grid fails and there is sunlight, the Enphase system will continue to produce energy and meet the demands of the home or business, which is something competing solar systems cannot do. If you combine the microinverter system's capabilities with battery storage. You can have a system that will continuously produce energy, completely independent of the grid.

Check out the full lineup of Enphase's Microinverters
  • Most solar systems connect panels to a single inverter. Enphase pioneered a revolutionary technology that places a microinverter under each solar panel. So if one stops, the power keeps flowing.
  • IQ Microinverters use breakthrough Burst Mode™ technology to capture more energy in low-light conditions, such as when there are shadows or clouds passing over the solar array.
  • IQ Microinverters are smart enough to update automatically over the internet to receive the latest software and new features.
  • IQ8, Enphase's most powerful software—defined microinverter ever, is powered by a proprietary, intelligent chip, that makes switching between on or off grid virtually seamless.
  • IQ Microinverters are NEMA 6 certified and are recommended by FEMA, meaning they can endure just about anything Mother Nature sends their way.
  • IQ8 Microinverters redefine reliability standards with more than one million cumulative hours of power-on testing, enabling an industry-leading limited warranty of up to 25 years.

IQ Batteries

 Solar panels often produce more electricity than a home can use, especially during the day. With a battery backup, you can store excess power for your home to use at night. Not only can you use that power at night, but also during a power outage. A battery storage system will provide backup power for 10 to 20 hours, depending on usage and the size of the unit. Installing a solar battery can allow your home to run almost entirely on the clean solar energy.

Check out the full lineup of Enphase's IQ batteries
  • All Enphase's batteries utilize Enphase's popular microinverter technology.
  • Enphase has designed their IQ batteries to connect easily with gas-powered generators.
  • Turn power-hungry appliances on and off automatically or manually from the Enphase app to conserve your battery life when running on backup power.
  • Enphase batteries are smart enough to update automatically over the internet to receive the latest software and new features.
  • The Encharge system features the Enpower™ smart switch, which automatically toggles between solar, grid, battery or generator power depending on the needs of the home.
  • Enphase batteries are AC coupled and operate at the lowest DC voltages in the industry. Enphase also uses Lithium Iron Phosphate battery modules, which makes them safer and longer-lasting than other batteries that use cobalt-based lithium-ion. Enphase is one of the few companies to meet the UL9540A fire safety standard.
  • Enphase Batteries are covered by an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, with an optional 5-year limited warranty extension available for purchase.
Enphase App
Enphase App

With the Enphase app, you'll be able to easily track your energy consumption. See exactly where power is flowing through your home in real time. Monitor how much energy you've made, used, and saved. Choose the essential appliances that absolutely need to stay on during an outage, or let Enphase software decide for you. Also, keep track of your surplus of energy that you sell to your utility provider. The Enphase app can even alert you to severe weather in your area and automatically prioritize a full charge for your battery ahead of a storm.

Why choose May Electric Solar for your battery storage installation?

May Electric Solar has been installing Enphase Energy Systems since 2009. We choose to offer Enphase because of its reliability, innovation, and safety. Enphase is well known as having the most innovative technology. As a master electrician owner and operator with a vast background of installing emergency backup systems for wastewater plants and pump stations, safety and reliability are the most crucial. Enphase offers industry leading warranties on all of their products.

May Electric Solar offers a 30 year labor and services warranty. We are committed to our customers for the long term. We do not subcontract installation, and we guarantee the quality of our workmanship. We have installed Enphase Energy Systems on MacDill Air Force Base, prisons, police departments, and in thousands of homes and businesses in every county in Central Florida.

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