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About Us

We've spent 17 years in the Tampa and Central Florida solar market, working hard to provide homeowners, like you, with the best solar power home systems to lower energy consumption, energy cost, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Our History


In 2000, William May made a career change from utility work and roofing, to the electrical field. He worked as an apprentice with James Lemmons Sr., a master electrician with 30 years of experience. After James Sr. retired William continued his work for Lemmons Electric as a supervisor and project manager. After passing the master electrical exam in 2006, May Electric Solar was founded.


Since 2010, the primary contracting has been solar electric battery and array installation and design, along with the electrical design and installation for wastewater treatment facilities. Both fields require precise designing to ensure the most efficient and reliable systems. Around this time, Florida was experiencing a solar boom, and May Electric Solar quickly became a top solar installer in Florida.


May Electric Solar is here to stay and is committed to being Central Florida's best residential and commercial solar contractor. It is our goal to become a better solar company every day rather than just do what's booming in the Solar Power Industry. Our highly trained, certified, and experienced team will provide you with excellent customer service and the best products in the industry.

Florida Owned and Operated

We are locally owned and based out of Hudson, Florida. We proudly serve all of Central Florida, regularly providing solar and battery back up system installation and repair.

17 Years Experience

We have been in the business of solar energy in Florida before it was a hot spot. Back then, solar was more expensive and less efficient, however, we believed in the technology, so we led the way as a pioneer in Florida's solar industry. Although we are a general electrical contractor, we choose to focus on solar PV because its something we believe in and are passionate about.

Quality Assurance

We test and approve internally all products before we offer them to our customers. We have 6 different solar systems at our main office. Currently, these test systems include 26 different panels from 11 manufacturers. It's safe to say we can stand behind our recommendations with facts and experience. We are not pushing the products we have the easiest access to or the most profitable for us. How many other solar companies can honestly say they have a solar system on their home and business? What would the owner put on their home? Ours has Enphase microinverters and LG solar panels.

Expert Installers

Since 2010, we have been one of the top contractors in Florida. This is because of our owners strict selection, training, and monitoring of our employees, we do not use sub-contractors or temps. We get the job done right and with pride. The May Electric Solar team speaks with knowledge from training and experience.

Experience ‒ Quality ‒ Expertise.

It's Gotta be May all the Way!