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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about solar panels and battery back up systems.

How long does installation take?
The installation itself is usually completed in 1 day. Once the contract is signed, it usually takes 30-45 days before we begin based on permitting and inspections.

Does my system need maintenance?
No, not with Enphase inverters and our premium panels. There are no fuses or high-stress components to check on or maintain. The monitoring system will notify both you and May Electric Solar if there is an issue with a panel or inverter, which can vary from tree moss, or a frisbee covering a panel, or the highly unlikely failed component.

What are the advantages of solar energy?
Solar energy is clean, efficient, pollution free, and an affordable way to power your home or business. Furthermore, you can lower your electric bills and add value to your property. Going solar is also more affordable than ever with tax credits, rebates, and net metering programs.

What if I lose electrical power can I use the panels?
No, not without Ensemble™ technology. The reason for this is because how a grid-tied solar system works. Sunlight hits the panels, generates electricity, passes through the inverter, and is used to turn on your lights. When your panels are producing more electricity than you're using, the extra electricity is pushed onto the electric grid. If the electric grid is down and your solar system is pushing that extra electricity onto the grid, it can cause problems.

What is an Ensemble Technology?
With Ensemble™ technology, when the grid is down, you have power, and when the grid is up, you can save money. The system stores your solar power for when you need it most, blackouts, brownouts, and can help wipe out peak billing with some electric companies.

Does Solar really save you money?
YES! The electric company charges an average of 3.5% more. Also, your home value will increase, and you can sell your excess energy back to the grid.

What support options are available?
Our office team is ready to help answer your questions. Enphase is also very helpful when it comes to understanding your app and tracking your system performance.

Is there a way to use my solar system when the power is off?
Yes, with a properly installed battery backup. If you are interested, please contact us for details. Each home is unique to design.

How safe is my system to lightning strikes?
Our PV systems include surge protection and are the most resistant to lightning damage. Unlike other contractors, May Electric Solar installs a separate grounding path to ground.

Do my panels need to be washed?
No, in most cases a home with at least a 3/12 pitch and normal rainfall is adequate. If your home lacks a slope or has surrounding trees you may need to wash them.

How does the net metering process work?
At contract signing your sales rep will help you fill out the interconnection agreement with your electric company. 2) The application will be taken back to the office. 3) Any required permit inspections will be scheduled. 4) Once your job is inspected and finalized by the county, and all terms of the contract are satisfied. May Electric Solar will turn in all paperwork including the interconnection documents and finalized permit to your utility company. 5) Each electric company has a different process/timing schedule. Electric companies have 30 days to install your Bi-Directional Meter. Tier 2 applications may take longer due to the process of payment, insurance verification and disconnect inspection by one of their engineers, once this is complete then the 30 days starts. This can extend the time frame. 6) Our experience with Bi-Directional Meter installation time frame, after the application is received, is usually 2 to 4 weeks. Ask us for details in your area with your electric company.

Which direction is best for solar panels to face?
Solar panels are most productive when facing South. However, anything from due East to just past due West will be productive.

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