Why does it gotta be May all the Way?



Locally Owned and Operated

William May

Founded in 2006, we are locally owned and based out of Hudson Florida with a satellite office in Orlando. We proudly serve both the greater Tampa and Orlando areas.


Ten Years of Solar Experience

We have been in solar energy since 2009 before solar was a “hot spot” in Florida. Back then solar was more expensive and less efficient, however we believed in the technology, so we led the way as a pioneer in Florida’s solar industry. Although we are a general electric contractor, we choose to focus on solar PV because its something we believe in and are passionate about.


Here to Stay… A Warranty that Means Something!

The latest trend we see is many brand new “fly-by-night” companies popping up, as well as many out-of-state companies that are moving into Florida to take advantage of the current solar boom. In fact only two of our original competitors from 2009 remain in the industry. You have to wonder how many of these companies will still exist four years from now. Often other solar companies go out of business only to show up again under a different name to avoid legal challenges. With May Electric you can trust that our goals are long-term and we are committed to service you for the long-haul. After the tax credit expires how many companies do you think will still be in Florida or in business? May Electric as an Unlimited Electrical contractor has the ability to diversify into a wide range of services beyond solar, therefore we will be able to stay in business long after the solar boom dies down, and will be around to service the full length of your warranty.


Quality Assurance

We test and approve internally all products before we offer them to our customers. We have 5 different solar systems on our main office.  Currently these test systems include 26 different panels from 11 manufacturers. It’s safe to say we can stand behind our recommendations with facts and experience. We are not pushing the products we have the easiest access to or the most profitable for us. How many other solar companies can honestly say they have a solar system on their home and business? What would the owner put on their home? Ours has Enphase microinverters and LG solar panels.


Expert Installers!

This carries on into our employees. We do not have a large sales team or installation crews, however,  for the past 8 years we have been one of the top 5 contractors in Florida in terms of total kilowatts installed.   This is because of William’s strict selection, training and monitoring of our employees. Workmanship, ethics and standards are non-negotiable. We are the Navy seals of solar! We get the job done right and with pride. The May Electric Solar team speaks with knowledge from training and experience.


Solid Foundation for the Future

These points build a solid foundation for a company that has the strength to adapt and over come an unpredictable future. Since we are committed to quality in every aspect of our business, we only choose to install equipment from companies with the ability to ensure their warranty and who hold the same values as May Electric. LG and Enphase are two companies who fit this criteria because they have a similar process as May Electric in their design and quality assurance. They also adhere to strict environment standards in the process of manufacturing their products.


Warranty – Quality – A Certain Future. It’s gotta be May all the way!