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William May Inc / May Electric was established in 2006. William May became an Electrician in 2001. From the first day, William had the pleasure and blessing of working under an apprenticeship with James B Lemmons Sr “Senior” and Jimmy Lemmons JR.

Though the majority of the electrical contracting was new home wiring, its value was priceless. The daily educational value of working with 2 Master electricians, 40 years plus experience combined was taking advantage of William. These years of learning electrical theory and design lead the path to William May becoming a Master electrician himself, passing the exam in 2006 at 28 years old.

The years were not just understanding electrical calculations and code compliance standards, but also learning the importance of interacting within the industry beyond the job site to properly understand & respect the entire electrical industry, not just field requirements. In May Electric’s first 3 years, William primarily contracted in the Waste Water Treatment Industry for Florida governments. WWTP has no room for error or design faults. Our health and environment depend on properly designed & installed electrical systems. William’s experiences in learning the electrical trade and installing critical electrical infrastructure hedged the way for William's success in the solar electric industry.

In the past 10 years of contracting we have seen the solar industry go from a wild west installation & learn as you go, into a formal process of installation.

2009 to 2013 William use to hand draw solar electric module layouts with pencil and paper. Today these plans are required to be PE sealed or FSEC approved. Our designs are now carefully electronically performed to clarify installation methods. This is why May Electric says experience matters.

William has not only seen but has been a part of the innovative growth & design processes for solar electric in Florida. Participating in meetings with AHJ’s and Utility providers to help make solar safer and more reliable. You can see in the products we offer, how much quality matters to us.

Solar is an investment that should be relied on for decades. This starts by choosing an experienced contractor who offers the best equipment.

At our headquarters in Hudson, we have 4 different solar systems, 88 Modules total with 23 different brands and wattages. William makes sure we have truthful data on what we are offering, not just a datasheet. We want to install the safest and most efficient equipment. The solar industry is a contracting industry run by primary marketing & sales companies. As a contractor, we filter through the sales pitches and test all the popular products to obtain real-life results before offering them to our customers.

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