WARNING SIGN #1 - Any Claim That "Solar Is Free"

"Solar is free", is a loosely used claim regarding how a Solar loan works in comparison to your electricity savings. A system will truly only pay for itself so long as a system is properly installed, designed and purchased at a fair price. Which is why choosing and experienced, reliable company like us, May Electric Solar, is critical.

Another misleading tactic: "Your zip code or city qualifies". This is click bait to collect your information and then usually, sell your information to solar contractors in your area, who buy their rank positions, by association.

Note that as a normal part of the sales and installation process, there will be a lien on your home in the 1st or 2nd position or a loan security agreement.

In Florida the only discount available is the Federal 26% tax credit that allows you to be compensated 26% of your installation cost against your income tax liability, just ask your CPA for more information.

WARNING SIGN #2 - Main Office Is Out Of State

The solar industry is driven by the marketing industry and many, if not a majority, are not certified or licensed to design or install solar.

They rely on one size fits all software programs.

Many of these experts reside in other states with different codes and definitely a different weather environment.

There are over 50 utility power companies in Florida and each member of our team are trained on the differences and how to best serve you.

We don’t apply Duke rules to other companies, or other states utilities assumptions to your proposals.

WARNING SIGN #3 - Solar Is For "Everyone"

The idea that "solar is good for anyone” is simply not true.

There are many reasons that solar does not make sense for everyone.

There are usually obstacles present on each home and within each city and surrounding area.

We only ever give an honest assessment or recommendation on our proposals.

We will never push a sale, make the close, or get a project done at a customer's expense.

We are known for our 25 year warranty, which we do not sub out to other companies for repairs, PERIOD.

WARNING SIGN #4 - Claiming "Bigger Is Better"

While it may be true that bigger panels and inverters are a more effective choice for most homes, bigger national companies are not all ways a safe choice.

These companies use basic training for sales reps and sub work out to contractors who have no loyalty or proper supervision of the PV system. They also use sub contractors for service calls and warranty work.

We speak from experience, as we are regularly contacted by large, out of state, national companies with offers to become their service contractor.

We also know, from these contacts, that the pay is very low, and the work is very invasive to troubleshoot a system that you did not install.

We, at May Electric Solar, take numerous pictures during our install and we conduct the same method of installation standards on every job to help make service and troubleshooting more effective.

Though all companies do experience employee turn over, our standards and procedures do not change.

Once an employee passes our intensive training process, he or she are knowledgeable on the May way.

WARNING SIGN #5 - They Use "Pay-To-Rank" Site To Build Trust

Point and Case, the BBB.

This is a great site to read consumer reviews, complaints and feedback. It is a terrible idea to put any trust in their "official" scores which are bought with a membership!

Beware, as there are many other sites that have paid positioning, or association rank as well.

Meaning, the more a company spends, the higher their name goes up in rank making them look more credible or established.

We at May are an organic lead producing company. We do not pay for leads or out source marketing.

From top to bottom we are one company.

We do not agree with these very costly tactics, so you will not see us on those sites.

One exception, is energy sage and Enphase installer search, these sites use customer feedback and reviews to rank a company.

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