Enphase wins against generators every time.

Enphase battery vs LP Generator

Which is the better investment? Enphase batteries VS Generators

Why should you choose a battery system to store your solar power rather than choosing a generator? Here are just some of the reasons why the Enphase Battery Power Storage System is the smart choice. 

This is an actual site, and BETA tested in Spring Hill, Fl. Real costs and performances are used.

Let the battle begin!

Generator Battery (Spoiler Alert, Battery Wins)


Powers your whole house in most cases.

Powers your AC in most cases.


Fuel Cost up to $20 per hour.

Yearly Maintenance Cost.

Loud while in use.

Dependent on others for fuel availability.


Saves $$ each month on your electric bill.

Zero operational cost (no fuel).

Longer warranty.

Silent operation.

No maintenance required.

Eligible for a Tax credit.


Limited to 10 circuits on back up power per 10kw.

CASE STUDY: Tampa Bay, 2020

The leading brand 20KW generator was used. $16,000.00 average investment cost w/ a 500 Gallon LP tank buried in the ground. Extended Warranty is a typical $1300.00 extra.

Time Frame:

One week without power, 7 days or 168 hours per year minimum. LP fueled with a 500 Gallon (this gives 5-8 days of power, depending on load 50 to 100%). A 500-gallon tank can hold 450 gallons supply in the ground or 400 above ground. The in-ground is used for this study. 450 supply /2.39 usage @ 50% Load /24 hours= 7.8 days / 7.8 days x 24 hours = 187 hours.

Maintenance recommended:

Required every 100 hours and or once a year. For this study, we will use 2 services. Average cost $150.00 each. (Costs may be less if you do the service your self due to unavailable service technicians.)

Cost $4 per gallon: 2020

Delivered to Spring Hill, FL June 2019/ Usage per hour is 2.39 gallons at 50% load. 2.39 x 187 hours = 445 Gallons of LP consumed. 445 gallons at current cost $4.00 = $1,780.00 Fuel cost $1,780.00 Fuel cost + $300.00 servicing =$2,080.00 Total cost for 7.8 days without power. Operating 50% load.

What does all this mean?

Simply put, in the battle of Enphase batteries VS generators, Enphase wins, hands down. 

You have the strongest warranty, silent operation, tax credit, and of course the peace of mind that you will not have to concern yourself with fuel delivery, or maintenance on your system. Ongoing and increasing costs for fuel and service will not be a concern if you have the Enphase battery backup system in your home. Your solar power system will recharge your batteries daily, and allow your home to operate without issue during the day, as well as night.

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