LG Solar Panels

LG is a name you can count on. We recommend LG solar for their quality and aesthetics. Unlike many solar panel manufacture’s who buy cells from Longi or contract the process out, LG makes its own solar cells and tests the process through out. No sub contractors much like May Solar. We test many panels on our roof, after a full year of testing a LG 275 vs a SW275 we were open to meeting with LG and discussing their product fit for May Electric Solar. LG’s manufacturing process is as rigid as it gets, along with their business model and goals we are proud to partner with LG and have become a Platinum member. Over two years ago we changed our main product line to LG due to the respect we have for their superior quality assurance process. The most difficult change for us was the fact they were not US made even though LG directly and indirectly employs thousands of Americans. NOW the Neon 2 line is made in Huntsville AL. Please see the slide below to see what makes LG the best Solar panel for your investment.