Does my system need maintenance?  No, not with Enphase inverters and our premium panels. There are no fuses or high stress components to check on or maintain. The enlighten monitoring system will notify both you and May Electric if there is an issue with a panel or inverter. Which can vary from tree moss or frisbee covering a panel to a failed component.

Do my panels need to be washed? No, in most cases on a home with at least a 3/12 pitch and normal rain fall is adequate. If your home notes a concern due to lack of slope or surrounding trees we will disclose this on our contract.

What if I Iose electrical power can I use the panels? No, as disclosed on the contract all PV
systems must be UL1741 listed to be legally permitted, installed and eligible for a Bi-Directional Meter.

Is there a safe way to use my solar system when the power is off? Yes, with a properly
installed battery backup or generator. Each home is unique to design. If you are interested, please contact us for details.

How safe is my system to lightning strikes? Our PV systems are the most resistant to lightning
damage. Unlike other contractors, May Electric Solar installs a separate grounding path to your
grounding electrode system. A solid un-impeding system.

Will our PV system be code compliant to new laws and codes possible enforced in the
future by the power company or insurance companies? Yes, our inverters meet all NEC codes
current and projected. Including utility grid profiles used elsewhere that could come to Florida.
Enphase inverters are the safest and smartest available.

Is our system safe for persons with pace makers? Yes, with the inverters being on the roof not
only are they silent in operation they will not discharge electrical interference. We have had to
replace other companies string inverters with our Enphase technology due to this reason.

How does the net metering process work?
1. At contract signing your sales rep will help you fill out the interconnection agreement with your electric company.
2. The application will be taken back to the office.
3. Any required permit inspections will be scheduled.
4. Once your job is inspected and finalized by the county, and all terms of the contract are satisfied. May Electric will turn in all paperwork including the interconnection documents and finalized
permit to your utility company.
5. Each electric company has a different process/timing schedule. Electric companies have 30 days to install your Bi-Directional Meter. Tier 2 applications may take longer due to the process of payment, insurance verification and disconnect inspection by one of their engineers, once this is complete then the 30 days starts. This can extend the time frame.
6. Our experience with Bi-Directional Meter installation time frame, after the application is received,
is as follows: (TECO takes a bit longer as it has to be sent by certified mail)
a. Duke- 1-14 days
b. TECO- 7-28 days
c. WREC-1-10 days
d. FPL-1-10 days
e. OUC-4-14 days
f. SECO-7-21 days
g. Lakeland- 21 -30 days
h. All others within 30 days