When Should I Call a Local Solar Repair Company?

Solar technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade especially here in Central Florida.

Like many technologies, solar power tech is constantly improving in both performance and efficiency.

With any high-tech system, though, there are bound to be issues that crop up and require professional repair from a local company. Whether your panels are physically damaged due to storm debris, or you notice a significant drop in performance due to system issues, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s look at some of the most common solar repairs you may need from your local solar repair company.

Loose and Water Damaged Wiring

One of the problems that you may run into with your solar system is a wiring issue.

If you notice a drop in the production of your solar panels, it may be caused by a loose wire resulting from strong winds or debris. Other wiring issues can be caused by water entering the conduit. This will cause your panels to work at low efficiency, or they may stop working altogether.

To repair this issue, you need a trained and highly experienced solar repair expert. Never try to address electrical wiring issues by yourself. In fact, if a problem with the wires is suspected, you should avoid even going on your roof to investigate yourself. It’s a risk that simply isn’t worth taking.

Damaged Solar Panel Replacement

Due to exposure to the elements, which is typically enjoyed here in Tampa and Orlando Florida, there is always the risk to solar equipment where one or more of your panels may be physically damaged from one of our many Florida Storms. Unfortunately, storms with high winds can introduce a lot of damaging debris and large hail that can absolutely wreak havoc on your solar panels. 

In most instances, damaged solar panels will need to be replaced with new, high-quality panels. This is an unfortunate scenario, but mother nature is a powerful force that is impossible to control or predict. Damaged panels can never be completely avoided, but it does help to have high-quality panels that are built to last.

Solar Panel Conductor Problems

If you notice that your solar system frequently trips your circuit breaker, the issue could be damaged, solar panel conductors. 

These conductors are secured to the frames of the system using clips. If these are damaged or improperly installed by an inexperienced solar installer, they will become a constant source of frustration by tripping your circuit breaker.

Just as mentioned with the wiring issues, homeowners are highly discouraged from taking it upon themselves to address any problems with their solar system. Any problems involving electricity should be left in the hands of a trained and trusted professional.

Battery Array Issues

Many solar arrays utilize a battery backup system. This means that you also have to keep an eye out for battery problems in addition to the panels and inverters themselves. An improper installation could result in your batteries not being fully charged—or not charged at all—by your solar system. This is a massive inconvenience if your power consumption requires more than your panels can sustain throughout the entire day and night.

Experienced solar installers and repair professionals will identify this issue and correct any poorly wired or otherwise set up battery backup systems. This will ensure that you never have to worry about running out of power when it is late at night.

Who Can You Trust For Solar Repair?

May Electric Solar has been around the block a few times in this business. We’ve seen and addressed just virtually every problem imaginable with solar power systems. Whether you need us to repair components, replace them, or fix systems that someone has improperly installed, we have many years of experience maintaining these systems.

Often, system failures also happen due to the installation of inferior equipment. This is why it is so critical to ensure that all of your solar equipment is from a high-quality, trusted solar manufacturer. If your system fails and we come in to replace any of your equipment, you can rest assured that only the best solar panels, inverters, battery systems, and other solar components will be installed.

If you’d like to learn more about how May Electric Solar can help you with your solar installation, maintenance, or repairs, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We’d be happy to become your trusted solar professionals for any needs that you may have.

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