YES! Stop renting your power from the electric company who charges an average of 3.5% more year after year. You eliminate that cost, and that increase of cost, and have 25 years of warrantied power production without dealing with the extra costs that the power company pushes off onto you..

No, in most cases on a home with at least a 3/12 pitch and normal rainfall is adequate. If your home notes a concern due to lack of slope or surrounding trees you may need to wash them.

No, not with Enphase inverters and our premium panels. There are no fuses or high-stress components to check on or maintain. The enlighten monitoring system will notify both you and May Electric if there is an issue with a panel or inverter, which can vary from tree moss or frisbee covering a panel or the highly unlikely failed component.

No, as disclosed on the contract all PV systems must be UL1741 listed to be legally permitted, installed and eligible for a Bi-Directional Meter.

Our PV systems include surge protection and are the most resistant to lightning damage. Unlike other contractors, May Electric Solar installs a separate grounding path to ground.

Yes, with a properly installed battery backup. Each home is unique to design. If you are interested, please contact us for details.

Yes, our inverters meet all NEC codes current and projected. Including utility grid profiles used elsewhere that could come to Florida. Enphase inverters are the safest and smartest available.

Yes, with the inverters being on the roof not only are they silent in operation they will not discharge electrical interference. We have had to replace other companies' string inverters with our Enphase technology due to this reason.

1) At contract signing your sales rep will help you fill out the interconnection agreement with your electric company. 2) The application will be taken back to the office. 3) Any required permit inspections will be scheduled. 4) Once your job is inspected and finalized by the county, and all terms of the contract are satisfied. May Electric will turn in all paperwork including the interconnection documents and finalized permit to your utility company. 5) Each electric company has a different process/timing schedule. Electric companies have 30 days to install your Bi-Directional Meter. Tier 2 applications may take longer due to the process of payment, insurance verification and disconnect inspection by one of their engineers, once this is complete then the 30 days starts. This can extend the time frame. 6) Our experience with Bi-Directional Meter installation time frame, after the application, is received, is usually 2 to 4 weeks ask us for details in your area with your electric company.

We are able to work with all sorts of payment methods, from Cash, Check, Money orders, Credit Cards, as well as personal loans, or use one of our many partnered finance options.

We provide monitoring of your system, microinverters, and panels with the Enlighten app by Enphase. We also provide service contracts for 10 years for owners of Enphase based solar arrays who installers have gone out of business, or simply do not provide the services promised.

Microinverters operate independently, so each panel performs to its fullest. One shaded or dirty panel won't affect the rest of the system. Microinverters produce more at dawn, dusk, and in low-light conditions, for a longer solar day. Plus they are the only safe AC power inverter recommended by FEMA for safety and reliability.

With Ensembleā„¢ technology, when the grid is down, you have power. And when the grid is up, you can save money. The system stores your solar power for when you need it most, blackouts, brownouts, and can help wipe out peak billing with some of the electric companies who use that billing model.

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