The Benefits of Enphase Microinverters

“Floridians face some of the wildest weather out there, and Enphase micros, batteries, and the Envoy energy management platform have allowed us to bring our customers the most reliable solar out there,”

“Just like with having rapid shutdown long before it was legally-mandated, Enphase is always ahead of the curve with new features and technology. This is certainly the case with the upcoming grid-independent technology from Enphase, which will allow homeowners to use solar energy even when grid power goes out.” William May, CEO of May Electric Solar

The Clear Choice for Reliability and Safety

May Electric Solar has been installing Enphase for 7 of the 10 years we have been contracting solar energy systems. We choose to offer Enphase because of their reliability and safety for the consumer. As a master electrician owner and operated company with a vast background of installing emergency backup systems for waste water plants and pump stations, safety and reliability are not negotiable. This standard was passed on to our Solar Division.

We have installed these systems on MacDill AF base, Florida prisons, police departments, SwiftMud (SouthWest Florida Water Management District) and nearly every city and county wastewater management entity in the Tampa bay area and a few in South Carolina. Failure is not an option! The results are EPA fines, environmental issues and possibly health risks. Your energy system should be built to the same level of quality, using Enphase micro inverters ensures this standard. A standard that you can expect your solar system to produce power safely and efficiently for over 25 years.


Rapid Shutdown and Future Compliance

On January 01, 2018, Florida adopted the 2014 NEC code requiring rapid shut-down, we can proudly say our systems fully comply. If utility companies or insurance companies require this upgrade on existing systems one day to meet codes, our customers will be compliant. I see this as a concern, because we have seen electrical equipment forced to be upgraded to meet safety codes over our 12 years in business. These requirements have been enforced on fused panels, clamp lug meter cans, aluminum bus bar electrical panels, and aluminum wired homes. These items are required to be made code compliant before a house will be insured, purchased or a new utility meter account will be installed. These listed items met code when originally installed, like many inverters being installed today by other companies .Over the last 10 years solar has been growing at a rate that safety codes have not been properly assessed. With the length of our warranty, this is a high concern for us at May Electric to make sure our customers will be excluded from any major changes coming. We feel confident our customers will be safe with Enphase’s cutting edge, smart and safe solar solutions.

What makes it Safer?

We have installed every major solar inverter system available. Nothing compares to the safety level of using Enphase micro-inverters. With module-level conversion that naturally eliminates high voltage DC keeping voltage well below IEC voltages ranges categorized as ” Extra low voltage” & “low risk”. Also the AC side 240/120 as “low voltage” ANSI C84.1-1989

Safer and Lower Maintenance Mean a Better Warranty For You

Not only does this help May Electric Solar offer a longer warranty coverage to our customers, it is also much safer for our installers and lessens the risk of fire to our customers home in the event of an arc flash.

Module level communication, monitoring and software management is unmatched in our experiences. Enphase’s Customer service is unmatched as well.

With our pre-established expectations for quality, safety and reliability, Enphase is the only Inverter manufacturer that makes sense for May Electric and our customers.

  • Safest inverter available!
  • Standard 25 year warranty, No extra fees or rules!
  • Revenue grade production and consumption metering!
  • Easily Expandable!
  • Programable to meet any foreseen utility grid or NEC code changes that may effect your Solar system.

Its gotta be an Enphase system!