william-Shannon-MayWilliam and Shannon May

In 2000 William made a career change from utility work and roofing, to the electrical field. He worked every day as an apprentice with James Lemmons Sr., a master electrician with 30 years of experience. After James Sr. retired William continued his work for Lemmons Electric as a supervisor and project manager. After passing the master electrical exam in 2006 May Electric was founded.

Since 2010 the primary contracting has been solar electric installation and design, along with the electrical design and installation for wastewater treatment facilities. Both fields require precise designing to ensure the most efficient and reliable systems.

Our family lives and works in Florida with no plans to ever move, change professions, or our company name and legal status. We have worked hard to achieve our success, and we will continue to build on our way of ethics and standards. May electric is here to stay. It’s our goal to become a better company every day rather than just do what’s booming. William chose to go into solar in 2008 when solar was not booming or as cost effective as it is today.  Like wastewater treatment work, solar is a very complex and unique field.  This is a perfect fit for William because he enjoys the challenge of always improving and getting better at his craft.